Turnaround 4

March 3rd -9th

Tipping Point
Painting, digital manipulation, glass

Jo Landau is an established full-time painter with many pieces now in private collections.  Her paintings are of many different subjects in a variety of mediums. She was born in Israel in 1957 and moved to London in 1970 where she now lives and paints. She has had a variety of jobs, from shop assistant to workshop printer, and first started painting at an early age as a form of self-expression. Jo has further developed her painting skills by attending several art courses at North London Polytechnic and St Martins. 


Yvonne Overton BA (Hons) Fine Art

As a painter Yvonne is attempting to express the essence of landscape and spirit of nature in abstract form without 
re-creating a specific image in space or time.  She draws from her own inner source of inspiration and love of wild places to make work that might communicate the elemental of power of nature and its force to bring about positive change. 

In her latest work she is using subtle text as a reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and the critical dangers that it faces.

Yvonne Overton's studio is at The Maker's Yard.

 Jo Skinner

"My main interests are human potential and empowering people, especially students, to be passionate and to dare to reach for their dreams. I am currently studying an MA Artist Teacher at Goldsmiths University where I am creating Installations which open up dialogue by including powerful questions that could bring about transformation and allow for mutual learning.

In my earlier works I am exploring issues of global warming and the environment, spirituality, meditation and otherworldly qualities. I have experimented by layering up paintings, photographs and occassionally textiles into my images. I find that my inspiration comes from a love of the natural world and a wide range of artists including Rinko Kawauchi, Pipilotti Rist and Susan Hiller."


 Birds Universe

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