Turnaround Exhibition Schedule
February - April 2012

Turnaround 1
4th Feb – 10th Feb
Anna Alcock, Valeria Bateson, Julian Beere, Mark Burton, Julie Caves, Lissa Chapman, Agelena Demaria, Peter Drake, Duncan Evans, Pauline Evans, Diana Furlong, Kate Hardy, Susan Higgins, Ellen Jones, Jo Landau, Wendy Le Ber, Maureen Morris, Nicolette Murin, Yvonne Overton, Marie Louise Plum, Helen Porter, Sanyukta Shrestha, Jo Skinner

Turnaround 2
February 18th - 24th 2012
Iconographic paintings, jewellery, paintings
Sanyukta Shrestha, Ellen Jones, Wendy Le Ber 

Turnaround 3
February 25th - March 2nd
Printmaking and installation
Helen Porter and invited guests:
Rachel I'Anson, Anna Alcock, Maureen Morris, Michael Stanger, 
Spike Gasgoine, Kate Hardy

Turnaround 4
March 3rd - 9th
Painting, digital manipulation, glass
Jo Skinner, Yvonne Overton, Jo Landau  

Turnaround 5
‘The Hatter and the Scribe’
March 10th - 16th
Stuart Targett and Diana Furlong

Turnaround 6
March 17th - 23rd
Drawing and sound art
Pauline Evans, Nicolette Murin

Turnaround 7
March 24th - 30th  
Julie Caves

Turnaround 8
March 31st - April 6th 
Grow Your Own Theatre workshops, Catman (painting and video), and printmaking
Sarah Chase, Peter Drake, Maureen Morris

Turnaround 9
‘Three Artists: Paper, Textile and Canvas’
April 7th - 13th
Julian Beere, Lissa Chapman, Valeria Bateson

Turnaround 10
‘Springtime’ and ‘In the Street’
April 14th - 20th
Printmaking, illustration, masks, and photography
Anna Alcock, Timothy Kraemer, Marie Louise Plum

Turnaround 11
'Turnaround Again'
April 21st - 27th
The final exhibition will be a group show from members of the Arts Club.

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