The Waltham Forest Arts Club is a group of over 300 amateur & professional artists, writers, creatives and musicians based in Waltham Forest that meets monthly and organises exhibitions and community projects. We are a free community organisation run by volunteers. The organisation is entirely inclusive and has representatives from a range of ethnic, age and ability groups.

Because art regenerates and creates cultural and social opportunities this series of exhibitions is making for fantastic promotion of the Wood Street Indoor Market and the Wood Street area as well as providing exposure for the Arts Club and the individual artists. 

The Turnaround project has been organised using personal money and a lot of our holiday days from our day jobs. The artists exhibiting are covering their own expenses and most of the printing costs.  But redecorating the space, materials for hanging the work and the costs of printing above the basic costs are all piling up.   

We would appreciate any amount you can give to help us defer the costs of the exhibition series.

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