Turnaround 10

April 14th - 20th

‘Springtime’, ‘In the Street’ and 'Happyland'

Printmaking, photography, illustration and masks.

Anna Alcock
Timothy Kraemer
Marie Louise Plum 

Images from Turnaround 10

Anna Alcock BA Fine Art (Hons) , MA Printmaking

Anna Alcock is a Fine Art Printmaker who works in a variety of techniques but has a specific affinity to stories, folktales, myths and legends. She has selected bright colourful pieces from her collection of etchings and relief prints that celebrate Springtime, which seems appropriate given the 'renaissance' of Wood Street Market.

Anna is the Director of Inky Cuttlefish Studios.


Timothy Kraemer


Timothy Kraemer studied fine art at Dartington College of Arts, photography at The London College of Printing and graphic design at Guildford Art School. “In the Street” is a series of photos in Spanish Markets and surrounding areas capturing the Spanish character

Timothy has had several photographic exhibitions including The Everyman Cinema, Lauderdale House, Broadway Bookshop and Healthworks, Walthamstow

"My aim as a photographer is to allow the subject to forget that Iʼm there. This way I hope to capture people at their most natural."


Man With Crucifixion

Marie Louise Plum

For Turnaround Marie Louise Plum will be performing masked interactions and exhibiting pieces from her first major solo exhibition Happyland.

Happyland is circus-themed and includes illustrations on paper as well as more unconventional art objects. A vast collection of 3D objects, masks, appropriated images, pen & ink portraits and customised museum boxes stuffed full with broken, psychedelic toys stitch together the imaginary world of Happyland. Marie-Louise invites visitors to meet brain-eating slug-men, jolly, headless ballerinas and a schizophrenic jamboree of clown folk with dubious intentions. 

Happyland exists in the cracks between dreams and nightmares. A place where North is South of upside down. Best viewed through a child’s eyes! Don't be frightened, nothing is real.

Marie-Louise loves to create creepy characters and fantastical vignettes full of mischief and humour. She has worked on a varied range of projects including a large-scale wall piece for Forest Hall, Edinburgh, a custom made Moleskine design for Modofly and a wooden puzzle seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her main interests are folk art, outsiders and freaks and she enjoys nothing more than creating nonsense and mess up in her attic room.

Illustrations, masks, upcycled objects, display boxes.

Materials used are brush pen and dip pen, pen and ink, papier mache, acrylic ink, wood, glass and ceramics.

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